Octagonal House

octagonal house karya pak Salman :

Compared with a square, an octagon encloses approximately 20% additional space with the same perimeter . Octagon plan also makes the house can view its surroundings from its glass windows like it is part of the house.
it is easier to build than circle plan, this house raise 3 m from the ground, saves the space for greenery . Powered by solar panel and collecting rainwater from its roof, this house can be build anywhere. this concept also can be made for summer home or villa in remote area, far from electrical grid.

via salman

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2 comment:

Anonim at: 12 Agustus 2010 21.46 mengatakan...

klo buat karya yg udah pernah dipublish di blog gpp nie?

arsitekturina at: 15 Agustus 2010 13.23 mengatakan...

yaw gpp euy email aja k kita

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