three apartments in Solo, indeed

With the bubbling economic in Surakarta, Central Java, maybe it’s not that hard to predict that more and more project come to town. After malls, please welcome apartments. How come they come to town simultaneously? Three apartments in Surakarta ( Solo or “Sala” in Javanese) are ready to be erected. The question is : who will live there ? since the locals are not ready to live there, economically and culturally yet. Me myself better live in a small kampong house instead hehe..Intriguing rumors from friends said that many of Exxon Mobil in Cepu Block oil field expatriate is one of the reasons. But Cepu is 100 km in the north. Is Solo atmosphere is too exotic, so many people want live here? But three apartments is still shocking for this small town. These apartments equipped with mall, hotel and so on.

The investments and development in town is fantastic, under the new major Joko Widodo, he doing magic like in a single flickering eye. He made citywalk along Slamet Riyadi street (main street in Solo), Solo Technopark, revitalizing Banjarsari Monument, and Sriwedari legendary park, and Balekambang. He also localize street traders ( PKL ) :D I will post them more later..

images via skyscrapercity for more info bout the town, try wisatasolo.
coba posting in english :)

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