FuturArc Prize for green building design

International Design Competition for Green Architecture

Architectural professionals and students are invited to enter the FuturArc Prize 2009 international design competition for green buildings. The competition, organized by FuturArc journal, is sponsored by Autodesk and supported by the World Green Building Council, UNEP Sustainable Buildings and Construction Initiative as well as architectural and green-building institutions in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

This year's competition offers entrants a choice of two project briefs. The first is contributed by an Indonesia developer seeking for an Office Building + Urban Park, on an actual site in West Jakarta. The second is a Community Hub, one that is imagined for a Greener future, for which entrants must select a site from in the city/region they reside. The design submissions must address form, space and activity in a manner innovative and appropriate for the brief, site and climate. The Jury will be looking at how green strategies, systems and technologies are integrated in an imaginative manner, resulting in a user-centric architecture that is functional and in sync with social and cultural demands of their context.

Entries can be submitted online at www.futurarc.com/prize by 31 December 2008. Winners will be notified on 31 March 2009, then receive their awards as well as total cash prizes of SGD33.000 in subsequent prize-giving ceremonies. Entry in the competition is free.

Winning entries will be determined by an international jury of green building experts. The jury consists of Dr Nirmal Kishnani of the National University Singapore, Dr Ray Cole of the University of Columbia, Kevin Hydes of the World Green Building Council, Professor Kazuo Iwamura of the Musahi Institute of Technology, Dr Stephen Siu Yu Lau of the University of Hong Kong and Dr Deo Prasad of the University of New South Wales.

Dr Kishnani, the jury’s chair, said, “The FuturArc Prize has quickly become the preeminent platform for Green aspirations in the region. Last year, the numbers were strong; the submissions innovative and varied. This year, in the second year of the competition, we hope for more than a bigger turnout; we are on the look out for ideas that inspire and clarify what it means to be a Green in this part of the world.”

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